Carls 16V Kadett

Carl called me and asked me what I would recommend for an engine conversion for his Kadett. The XE was the only choice, along with a set of SBD throttlebodies and MBE engine management. A modified Manta RWD manifold was employed and heat rapped. A 2″ twin box system finish of the exhaust system.

The engine bay was smoothed out, relocating of the battery, wiring, washer bottle etc. were all on list of things to be hidden. Once it came out of the paint booth, it was assembled with care. The wiper motor was rotated to allow the coil pack to be mounted. A remote oil fiter was fitted infront of the Ali radiator and a new oil cooler sits in there too. The bonnet release cable was removed, the bonnet is now opened using a solenoid.

The brake were upgraded with new vented discs and the calipers were taken fronm the donor Astra. Finally, we modified the Automatic centre console to work with the stock, manual shifter.