• 1970 Opel Commodore GSE
    1970 Opel Commodore GSE
    Work in progress.
  • Craigs MONSTER
    Craigs MONSTER
    This American style Manta is a long term custom being built for Craig Riddell. A brand new, crate engine was imported from the States, originally destined for a Rover ZT V8 but found it’s way to us instead. We chose to use this engine because of the availablity of bolt on tuning parts, we’re expecting […]
  • Rob’s Manta A ecotec to V8
    Rob’s Manta A ecotec to V8
    I originally fit a 2.0 Ecotec engine fitted with throttle bodies from an Omega a few years ago. Rob now wants more power. A 5.0 V8 and auto ‘box was chosen, the engine is fitted with ali heads and a few goodies inside all adding up to around 340 BHP.  A brand new, freshly imported C4 gearbox is bolted […]
  • SCM new A Series demo car
    SCM new A Series demo car
    In 2001, SCM produced an A Series Manta which really set the benchmark for Mantas in the UK, however, time moves on and now it’s time to facelift the car again to demostate the level we now work at. The car is currently in our workshops again, undergoing a total restoration which once again, will lead the way.