• Ford Cortina MK3 2.0 GT
    Ford Cortina MK3 2.0 GT
    Major restoration
  • Dave Smiths mint, stock B Series
    Dave Smiths mint, stock B Series
    Dave brought his Manta in for a few body repairs, mainly around the wings but also under his vinyl roof. This needed removing along with the headlining. Once it was removed, all the repairs were carried out, along with a new bespoked headlining and new vinyl roof. The headling and the vinyl roof were both made […]
  • Opel Manta i200
    Opel Manta i200
    Genuine manta i200, baremetal respray including blasted engine bay, also fitted was a nice and warm 2.2 CIH engine. Once dismantaled, The car required quite an amount of body restoration too. This was a rebuild which turned out to be real challenge, it had to retain it originality and come in on a very tight […]